s13/s14 sr20det ultra spark coil packs x4

SR20det s13 and s14 coils x4

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$195.00 (inc GST)

Finally the wait is over. We now have in stock our very popular and great value utra spark coil pack branded sr20det coil packs!! Been allot of demand for these items they are finally here. Allot of research and development has gone into these coil packs with extra thick casings to prevent spark blowing out the side and providing a 35 percent better spark than you factory 20 year old coils!!

We have a set of four brand new aftermarket ultraSpark red ignition coilpacks to suit s13 and s14 sr20det engines.


**(genuine ultraspark hi-performance coils have the 'clear back' not the cheap troublesome 'black' back)**

Replace your 20 year old coils packs with these new after market items.

These coils are designed to eliminate coil pack break down from blowing out the side buy having a thicker casing and producing 35 percent more spark from factory coil packs.

Improve performance decrease fuel consumption.

Will fit

s13 red top sr20det
s14 facelift and prefacelift black top sr20det

will NOT work with s15 sr20det.